Virtual Ministry Teams

Digital church calls for digital teams! Join one of our Virtual Ministry Teams to stay connected and serving during this time. See brief description and fill form below to sign up and your virtual leader will be in touch! 

  • Social Media Video Production & Editing: Our team is made up of individuals with skill and expertise in video production and editing, photography, social media engagement, graphics and more. We are recording, producing and editing video content for kids, students, and adults daily in order to keep people connected, engaged and informed of New Covenant House events. Content is posted to various social media platforms all in order to share the message of the Gospel and the love of Christ with as many people as possible. 

  • BTC  Ambassadors: The Be the Church Ambassadors team have the extraordinary privilege and responsibility of representing Jesus in this world by providing services to meet the needs of our communities in various ways. They are facilitating connections for those in need of general counseling, couples counseling, tutoring services, and assistance to our seniors.

  • NCH Amplifiers: Our NCH Amplifiers team is getting the message of the gospel out to as many people as possible by promoting church events including live streams, and recorded video content via their own social media outlets. They’re also providing feedback on all of this content so that we can continually improve the online church experiences.

  • Small Group Administrators: This team of NCH volunteers will highlight Community digitally in a world where consumerism is the standard. We do this by creating a digital environment that fosters engagement with our New Covenant House Fusion Groups primarily through the zoom platform.

  • Content Creators: This team consist of creative individuals responsible for creating ideas used in all NCH live shows during the course of the week.
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