New Flame 1 & 2 (Middle & High School Ministry)


Welcome to New Flame 1 & 2 at New Covenant House! Our Desire is to glorify God by partnering with parents to help develop a faith that sticks and last a lifetime. The NCH New Flame ministry is made up of kids from 6th through 12th grade and is held during Sunday services and extends into each child's week through a partnership with parents, the spiritual leaders of each child's home. Our high school program features biblically-based content, life application with an emphasis on practical application.

Everything we do reflects our mission for New Covenant House to be a place to believe, belong and become. Our prayer is to mentor teens in becoming lifelong followers of Jesus Christ by: 

  • Leading with our lives, not just our lips
  • Fostering a community that will mentor rather than rule
  • Embracing listening over lecturing
  • Engaging through relationships over programmed activities

New Flame 1 (Middle Schoolers)

New flame 1 is our preteen ministry that partner with parents to help middle school students connect the Word of God with day to day challenges. The Word of God is made simple and practical so that it can be used as a tool. Our goal is to encourage students to share the gospel with their peers and not be ashamed, serve others and replicate the life of Jesus. We aim to be the light and to walk in wisdom as expressed in Ephesians 5:13-17 

New Flame 2 (High Schoolers)

We partner with parents to help teenagers make godly decisions in a world of sin. We use everyday life examples and let teens have a healthy discussion. We provide an open forum that allows teenagers speak freely, we teach teens to look at Jesus’ parables in a new and relatable way. 

We understand that our New Flame kids are at a very critical stage in life where their relationship with God and the love of Jesus solidified and that is why we make sure that they are very much being mentored for adulthood so in addition to our curriculum, teens will worship with the adults on every 1st and 3rd Sunday. 

 You can see all of our events for the year by clicking here. You can engage with us on Instagram

 We do hope that you come along with us on this journey by supporting and reinforcing what we are learning. Pray for us and pray with us. 

 Jesus is the best gift we can gift our children. Even long after this phase of their lives, Jesus will remain the only constant.

 Should you ever have a question, do not hesitate to contact us.

 NCH New Flame

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