“The Pre-marital guidance course provides those intending to marry with enough information and insight into a Christian marriage in order to enable them to access a quality relationship and acquire a readiness for marriage. 

We equip those who are ready for a successful Christ-centered marriage.

Classes have now been expanded because we understand the complexity of marriage and the depth of commitment the couple are about to make. Schedule of classes/requirements for participation are as follows:

  • Classes are held twice a year, April and October and runs for 2 months.
  • Wedding date must be at least 3 months after completion of PMC to allow the couple a time for ample re-assessment.

Couples often require time to save and plan their wedding. It is good that PMC comes at the beginning of that time line rather than at the end when they are emotionally involved, have spent money for a wedding and may no longer be objective.

Our prayer is that even as you take this step by investing in your future, God Almighty will crown your efforts with success in Jesus Name.